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Parenting today is more stressful than the 1950′s-Shut Up Mr. Psychologist!

Posted on January 21, 2013 | in blog | by

I’m pretty sure if you are alive right now you would agree with the title. I’m a little worked up with this entry so I may have to delete it later. I just read an “article” by a psychologist (I should have known) who claims..well here:

Like you, lots of parents are beginning to realize that with rare exception, the advice dispensed by so-called parenting experts over the past 50 years has been useless, counterproductive and even harmful. During that time, parenting has mutated from something people went about casually and confidently into a highly stressful endeavor (especially for women), and the mental health of America’s kids has plummeted. To top it off, today’s kids are misbehaving in ways that would have been unimaginable to a parent who raised children in the 1950s and before.

Seriously? First off, since this psychologist lists himself as a parenting expert on his own website, I guess he must be the “rare exception” to which he is referring.

Second, I agree with him that for many, parenting is stressful..but Mr. psychologist guy…this isn’t the 50′s! Woman are doing more today than they were in the 50′s. They are contributing, sometimes the only income source of the family, acting as taxi driver because schools don’t bus kids to activities anymore and trying to figure out what kind of food offered at the grocery store is going to be the least harmful to their kids. To make matters worse, PEOPLE LIKE YOU judge them and tell them they are doing things all wrong. I’m really angry here, can you tell? I think I’m actually going to use the “s” word here.

Yes, Mr.Psychologist guy. Stop making matters worse. Let parents trust their guts. Stop judging them and Shut Up!


2 Responses to “Parenting today is more stressful than the 1950′s-Shut Up Mr. Psychologist!”

  1. CM says:

    while I partially agree with your statement, I think you need to look at the bigger picture. Just because you don’t agree with him does not mean he does not know what he is talking about. He is allowed to have different views on things. I have not read the article but based on your post I think you need to realize that most parents today are teens who have not been raised to know how to be a parent. Back then women were trained to be homemakers from the time they were young. Most children today are spoiled or abused. he is right. the mental health of children has gone down considerably. this is b/c most parents nowadays are too involved with technology to pay attention to their children or they just flat out don’t care.

    I hope you look at the bigger picture before being offended by a post by a psychologist on the internet (which means he may not even be one).

    • Brenda says:

      Thanks for your comment CM. I agree whole heartedly that people are “allowed to have different views on things” so you will understand that I have a completely different view of today’s parent. Today’s parents do everything they can to provide for their family while being the best parent that they can. Today’s media makes it easier for people to judge parents anonymously and to group them all into one category stating, as you did, that they “don’t care.” I work with parents and children every day and I completely disagree with your generalized statement that says “most children today are spoiled or abused.” I challenge you to sit back and take a real look at the adults of tomorrow and realize that we are in better hands than you currently think. This is because parents care.

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