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What is your goal in life? Does it make you feel guilty? TAGS: | | | | | What is your goal in life? Would you recognize it if you were involved in a plane crash?  Take a peek at this video and see if it rings true …Continue reading →


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How to make your children feel safe when you fear for them yourself (after tragedy in CT) There is a slew of informaiton out there about how to speak to your child about the tragedy that the world is morning openly on television and the radio.  This …Continue reading →


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Summer Programs are the Most Effective Approach to Remedying Summer Learning Loss TAGS: | | | Guest Post Desmond Worrell offers research to prove camps help keep kids from summer backsliding. Low-income Students, Summer Learning Loss and Summer School by Desmond B. Worrell Summer learning loss …Continue reading →


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  • After Loss, Marine's Parents 'Gained 20-Something Other Sons' - NPR October 25, 2014
    NPRAfter Loss, Marine's Parents 'Gained 20-Something Other Sons'NPRAfter Brian Parrello's death, his parents met his fellow Marines — the 4th Platoon, Small Craft Company, Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. Later this year, the entire platoon will join the Parrello family in West Milford to mark 10 years ...and more »
  • Lies parents tell their children - Daily Californian October 25, 2014
    Daily CalifornianLies parents tell their childrenDaily CalifornianParents lie. Sure, most of them were probably white lies meant for “our own good” or to give our parents a welcome respite from persnickety questioning. This, however, does not excuse how ludicrous some of the stories they told us were. How could we ...and more »
  • When parents kill: FBI data reveal disturbing patterns - USA TODAY October 25, 2014
    USA TODAYWhen parents kill: FBI data reveal disturbing patternsUSA TODAYMore than three decades of FBI homicide data shows patterns stand out when parents kill their children: Three out of four child victims are younger than 5. In 56% of all cases, fathers are the killers. In murders with multiple victims, fathers are the ...and more »
  • Potty-Mouth Princesses concern parents - WTSP 10 News October 25, 2014
    WTSP 10 NewsPotty-Mouth Princesses concern parentsWTSP 10 News10News spoke to parents who were disappointed that adults would encourage children to use profanity. Father, Zachary Bucher, found it hard to believe that children could understand the subject saying, "It's a little bit too much for them to be thinking ...and more »
  • Hannah Graham's parents: The light UVa. college student 'radiated can never be ... - wtvr.com October 24, 2014
    wtvr.comHannah Graham's parents: The light UVa. college student 'radiated can never be ...wtvr.comWhen we first met Chief Longo he promised to find our precious daughter, Hannah, and during five long weeks his resolve to fulfill that promise never wavered. When we started this journey together we all hoped for a happier ending. Sadly that was […]
  • Opinion: Parents who yell at kids playing sports? Grow up! - CNN October 24, 2014
    CNNOpinion: Parents who yell at kids playing sports? Grow up!CNNLast year, Gary Lineker, the legendary England footballer and television presenter -- who incidentally never received a single yellow card for unsporting behavior throughout his playing career -- lambasted "maniacal parents on the touchline spouting ...
  • Parents shocked by quadruplet pregnancy rejoice after successful surgery - Today.com October 24, 2014
    Today.comParents shocked by quadruplet pregnancy rejoice after successful surgeryToday.comThe couple whose charmingly shocked faces made them viral stars when they found out they were expecting quadruplets say all four babies are doing fine after surgery to fix complications of the pregnancy. “The ultrasound looks great — there were four ...Parents of Rare Quadruplets Thank God for […]
  • Parents stand behind daughter who plotted to kill family - USA TODAY October 24, 2014
    USA TODAYParents stand behind daughter who plotted to kill familyUSA TODAYNow Sikorski's parents are trying to make sense of how their daughter went from alleged victim to attempted-murder defendant. Posner blames an "evil, manipulative" boyfriend and reactive attachment disorder, a mental illness resulting from traumatic ...Teen backed by parents she allegedly plotted to killWXIA-TVRoksana Sikorski, 15, […]
  • Helping Parents Deal With Learning and Attention Issues - New York Times October 23, 2014
    Helping Parents Deal With Learning and Attention IssuesNew York TimesThe groups first worked together in 2012 and later conducted research with over 2,200 parents about their and their children's needs; this information was used to create the new website and advertising. The groups realized that “parents need help and ...
  • Helicopter Parents: You're Grounded! - New York Times October 22, 2014
    New York TimesHelicopter Parents: You're Grounded!New York TimesWhile I agree with much of the article, I take issue with the writer's statement “Don't worry about overscheduling your child.” The comedian George Carlin used to exhort parents to leave their children alone. Mr. Carlin riffed, “Every day children ...